How’s your Spanish? | ¿Cómo está tu español?

I could use a little guidance. | Necesito un poco de consejo.

I want to speak with a native. | Quiero hablar con un nativo.

New from the blog… | Nuevo del Blog…

Fresh Water Spring | Ojo de Agua

OMG!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this place so so much. “This place” being the Ojo de Agua on Ometepe Island in […]

Masaya Volcano and Laguna de Apoyo

In this video we went to the top of Masaya Volcano just outside of Managua, Nicaragua, then went on to […]

Somoto Canyon in Nicaragua | Cañon de Somoto en Nicaragua

It’s Nicaraguaaa!! This video is my husband and I and some friends swimming/hiking/floating down the river in the bottom of […]

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